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Design & Installation

There are only a few things more impressive and memorable than a well-designed landscape. Cheerful masses of color brighten our lives and our environment. The best way to create a maximum visual and emotional effect is by Design & Installation dedicated to revolving seasonal colors. A proper selection of trees, shrubs and flowers is a wonderful way to delight every person in their presents. Although some may require some consistent care, the visual excitement and purpose to pools, patios and entranceways are always wonderful.


When planning your landscape, it is always important to select plants suitable for the location you have in mind. It is important to choose plants that will give a reliable and attractive appearance. Some plants prefer full sun while others flourish in shade. The extreme conditions of heat, cold or drought should also be considered. Plants that have long lasting appeal are most popular, but some that provide brief displays can be used for their dramatic effects on special occasions. Shaded Leaf will provide a high degree of insight, interest and pleasure while tailoring your goals, needs and budget.

Shaded Leaf carefully selects only the finest trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials from reputable nurseries and greenhouses. To insure healthy and attractive displays, we use nothing smaller than a 4-inch pot for perennials and summer annuals and 3-gallon containers for trees and shrubs. Our installation includes good bed preparation and we always turn the soil and incorporate organic amendments such as compost or leafgro. When planting, we apply time-release fertilizer to boost their natural growth schedule. Proper watering is necessary for the success of any installation and this responsibility is incumbent upon the property owner. Unfortunately, because of a seasonal flowers fragile and sensitive nature, we cannot guarantee their continued success. Although please note, any tree or shrub installation will be guaranteed for one year after planting.

Seasonal Flower Rotation
Spring Pansies, Primroses and Forget-Me-Nots
Summer - Begonias, Caladium, Coleus, Geraniums, Impatiens and Petunias
Fall Chrysanthemums and Tulips (Planted for enjoyment next spring.)
Winter - Cabbage, Kale and Pansies